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Expand is all about connecting HR, to do that we have an extensive and excellent network of HR professionals at our disposal. This network is maintained by our specialised HR weblog (Dutch only, for now), we organize roundtable discussions and events during which a number of prominent HR professionals and directors hold in-depth discussions about current HR topics.
Because of our years of specialized experience in the HR department the quality of this network enables us to guarantee our clients quick and effective screening, executive search included. We are able to find the best suitable match within a period of eight weeks.



1. Collaboration with our partners.

We work with our partners to cover the HR field in several ways. We offer internships for bachelor students, we facilitate research by promoting questionnaires, the resulting papers and more. Ofcourse, we work with the largest HR communities in the Netherlands to Expand our network. Lastly, we share know-how and facilitate discussions at our blog (see below) and in several specialistic communities on LinkedIn.

2. Our specialistic HR weblog (Dutch)

On our blog, HR professionals post about their vision on HR, experience, recent HR developments and more. The goal of our blog is to connect HR professionals, share knowledge, to stay up-to-date and create new ideas.

3. Organizing HR events like

Roundtable events
For the roundtable events we invite Executive HR professionals, the events are centered on a central theme and facilitated by speakers/discussion leaders with a matching background, for example Olympic coach Marc Lammers.

Interim HR professional meet-ups
We work closely with many interim specialist in the HR field. These events are tailored specificly for the professionals we work with and are centered around subjects relevant for this group, for example interim pricing or in-depth discussions about changemanagement.

HR branche networks
We have several specialistic groups (High-tech, Food, C&B) for experienced HR professionals. In their meetings they exchange knowledge cross-company and discuss the results of their current strategies.

The quality of our network guarantees our clients a quick and effective screening for any vacancy, even on executive level.

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