Expand connects HR professionals and Human Resources jobs as an HR specialist

Our procedure

Expand HCM is an HR network organisation. Instead of waiting until the next vacancy or interim order is placed, we actively expand our network of HR professionals. 

Our procedure for HR vacancies and HR projects consists of 6 steps:


1. Position interview

In an extensive interview with the client we examine all environmental factors of the organisation such as structure and culture.

As a result, we will have a clear profile of the position and the desired candidate.

2. Recruitment stage

Expand extensively searches its network for suitable candidates.

The position is also posted on various (social media) platforms and a custom-made Google Adwords campaign is created by our community manager. This way, the position will be brought to the attention of a large number of HR professionals, regardless whether they are actively searching.

3. Interview with Expand

We never present acandidate to the client without meeting with him/her first. Our consultants have years of experience selecting HR professionals.
Using the position interview with the client as a starting point,we will make use of the STAR method during this interview which the consultant will communicate openly. 
Based on the interviews, the candidate will be introduced to the client by way of a motivation personally composed by the consultant.

4. Preliminary interview with the client/employer

The shortlist is presented to the client. We aim to provide the resulting feedback to the candidate within two working days. A meeting with the candidate will be scheduled should the client desire this.

Depending on the weight of the position and the client's preferences, multiple meetings may be arranged. During these meetings, Expand will pay close attention to the candidate as well as the client.

5. Concluding the procedure

The procedure is concluded between the candidate or interim manager and the client in accordance with the terms and conditions of employment.

6. After-care

When the procedure has concluded, Expand naturally wishes to know the result. Therefore, we will contact the employee and employer the following month to inquire and to see whether there is anything else Expand can do.
Regarding interim projects, we will naturally keep in close contact with the project specialist during the entire project's duration to provide guidance and support.

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