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Executive search

Executive search is a specialised service performed at the client's request in which Expand conducts a focused search for candidates to fill a particular position. After being identified as potentially suitable by Expand, the candidate is approached directly. In this case, whether a candidate is actively looking for a new challenge is irrelevant - the client has employed Expand to raise the potential candidate's interest in the vacant position.


By way of a systematic analysis, including but not limited to our own extensive HR network, we will find the right candidate for the position. The candidates are selected by first identifying the individual who has demonstrated to be successful in their current position, their colleagues' opinion on them and what the person has actually contributed to the organisation. A combination of these factors will lead to a presentation of potentially suitable candidates.


The next step is approaching the candidates about possible interest in the position. This is a delicate process, which requires the consultant to possess comprehensive knowledge of the organisation, opportunities for development and its culture. In one (or more) extensive personal interview(s), we will continue to home in on the qualities and skills of the candidate. Of crucial importance is that we are able to adequately inform the candidates regarding the challenges and specific characteristics of the organisation.


It should be noted that exclusive cooperation is essential for the partnership this approach requires. We generally manage to bring suitable candidates around the table with the client within 10 weeks.


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