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Expand: the HR specialist

We approach every assignment with an open mind, the right tools and expertise. The goal? To gain insight in the questions behind the question, in order to get to the result we aim for: a perfect match.

25+ years of experience
Vast network
Personal approach

Our way of doing things


Lasting relationships

At Expand, we look ahead and place great value on building lasting relationships. We do this by maintaining contact with the professionals in our network, even if no suitable position is available at that time. Genuine interest and knowledge sharing are our top priorities.


Perceptive and honest

At Expand we are honest with you. If we start working for you, we will look for the questions behind your question. What are you looking for, what do you need and what really suits you? With our empathy and our involvement we create trust and we are able to connect people in a sustainable way.


Driven and customer-oriented

Our team consists of driven people, each with his or her own individual talents. We join forces and use our creativity to bring people together within the HR field. We build on the one right match with curiosity, the right insights, through thorough analysis and with unwavering determination. Add ambition to that and get the perfect result for all parties involved.

”Our mission: to connect and develop HR professionals in an entrepreneurial and sustainable way.”

Expand in numbers

Expand is a specialised organization. Throughout the years, we have established a vast network of HR professionals willing to work with us in looking for the next possible step in their career. We are also the perfect coach for HR professionals who wish to keep developing themselves on a professional and personal level. The field of HR is constantly changing, which enables us to continuously share new experiences, insights and views. We are always looking for new ways to connect the HR community in a sustainable way.

Expand specialists 8
Experience in years 27
Succesful matches 876
HR network 10234

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