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Marc Loohuis

Marc has been the owner of Expand since 2009. After a number of years as an employed director, he bought Expand from Randstad in 2009. Marc keeps busy with the further development of the company and its employees. Next to that, he still enjoys finding the right HR professional for clients, either for permanent or temporary employment.

Colleagues about Marc: connective, epicurean and courageous

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Myriam de Haan

Senior Business Consultant
Myriam has been advising her clients since 2006. She takes on the full scale of our services, executive search recruitment and interim assignments. She knows how to ask the right questions at the right time and uses the answers to make the ideal match between client and candidate. Thanks to her many years of experience, making a successful match is her second nature.

Colleagues about Myriam: team-oriented, good at connecting people and building sustainable relationships

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Petra Brondgeest

Senior Business Consultant
Petra has been with Expand since 2006. Since then, she has been enthusiastically advising clients and candidates and has been a critical business partner in executive search, interim management and recruitment assignments. She uses her curiosity to her advantage and uses a positive -yet critical - approach towards her contacts for both national and international vacancies. She is fascinated by the diversity in organizational cultures and is always eager to learn.

Colleagues about Petra: result-oriented, ability to respond quickly and tenacious

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Uschi Lorenzo

Office Manager
Uschi is, as an office manager, indispensable within Expand. She monitors all processes accurately and always finds positive ways to unburden her colleagues. All interim workers are joyous about her sharp eye, which makes sure all billing is handled correctly. In addition, she consistently takes care of all our workshops, events and staff outings to make sure they are organized to perfection.

Colleagues about Uschi: service-minded, sensitive and customer oriented

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Emiel Mulder

Business Consultant
Emiel has been with Expand since January 2018. He started as a recruiter, but worked his way up towards the role of business consultant. He mainly keeps busy with bringing in candidates and clients and brings structure to the internal processes at Expand. He is also a certified TMA professional who is continuously searching for ways to improve; he doesn’t let go before a decent solution has been agreed upon.

Colleagues about Emiel: intelligent, reliable and perseverance

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Guusje Nagels

Community Manager
Guusje keeps track of the online and offline positioning of Expand. She is the main editor of our website and our social media channels, sets up campaigns to find the right candidates and makes sure our vacancies are widely spread. She also continuously searches for innovative HR topics to use as input for our events and to keep our bloggers stimulated to write.

Colleagues about Guusje: outgoing, creative and organized
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Corinne Klaver

Talent Acquisiton & Development Consultant
Corinne is the main point of contact for our network of HR professionals. She likes to discover what drives these professionals and identify their distinctive talents. As a certified TMA and DISC professional, she is also capable of using online tools to give career advice. Her main goal is realizing qualitative matches in our procedures, but she also keeps busy with the optimal functioning of the Expand team, maintaining a positive and energetic work environment.

Colleagues about Corinne: curious, prospective and an opportunity thinker
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Jelle van Bilsen

Junior Business Consultant
Jelle is one of the newest additions to the team.

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Yzette Smulders

Junior Business Consultant
Yzette is one of the newest additions to the team.

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