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Finding the right HR Manager or HR Director for your company is getting increasingly difficult in today’s labor market. Although globalization and digitalization make it easier to contact others and thus increase the influx of candidates, finding the right leader for your company is still specialist work. When the proposed leader and the organization do not match, it is almost impossible for organizations to recover from the financial and organizational consequences. For that reason, the pressure of making the right decision is very high. The new leader has to have the right competencies and experience level, the knowledge and ability to determine a long-term strategy, but also fit within the company’s culture and core values.

The best HR executives for positions in the Netherlands or international offices abroad

Our approach

Expand Executive Search focuses exclusively on top senior positions and the best candidates. We have more than 25 years of experience in HR within the Dutch labor market. We support multinationals in recruiting HR leaders who have the talent to help grow organizations worldwide. We select international profiles for executive positions in the Netherlands or for their branches abroad. Because our consultants have a broad and in-depth experience in HR, we have an extensive network at our disposal.

Executive search starts with asking the right questions and really getting to know your organization, the unique challenges you face and your specific hiring needs. Our consultants always work in consultation with the client and know how to find and retain the ideal candidate. We strive for a smooth and thorough process, which includes the main phases visualized below.

An overview of our clients

Executive Search



1. Interviews with stakeholders

2. Vacancy analysis (mapping)

3. Job profile is created

4. Job profile test: market research and target group research



1. Candidate profile is created

2. Community Manager activates network through various mediums and ads

3. Start direct search



1. Personality test (DISC)

2. Competency-based interviews



1. Longlist presentation

2. Shortlist is determined in consultation with client



1. Interviews by client

2. Advice on terms of employment

3. Evaluation and follow-up services

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