Social collaboration within HR processes

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Some HR systems have added social collaboration to their functionality. Primary reason is reduction of the costs and resources and better performance needed to effectively onboard employees. But for the customer this also means that traditional information like physical documents, reading material on websites and other stuff is no longer necessary. This new functionality provides extra advantages for the provided processes. Employees are now guided by this functionality how to handle HR processes. The tool also provides integrated learning. The advantage is for instance that while working on a process the employee is informed why he/she has to act, what the regulations are and what choices he/she can make. Another advantage is that employees that are not working daily with the HR system don’t need support from specialists because of the guidance that social collaboration provides.

Social collaboration also provides a community that assists employees to ask questions to management or HR or other departments and takes care that these departments provide answers to the individual employee or employee groups. This can be extended to social networking that enables people to share information in one-to-one relationships, project groups, teams or departments. These communities allow also administrators to set up specific communities to control who can view and participate in the collaboration. This is also support for managers who have to deal with the challenges of working with for instance large accounts that require the combined efforts of people from different parts of the business, including sales management, support, or consulting. Also data can be made available to groups and used as the central point for collaboration and discussion inside a group.

Social collaboration can also be extended to suppliers, customers and partners

Looking at social collaboration in SAP it is also possible to integrate this with basically each single system that is running. Because organizations work often in a constantly changing environment they need to adjust their business processes and best practices to stay competitive. As most processes are modeled in software today the software has to be as flexible as the changing business processes. Therefore it is open enough, to easily change integrations to include different or new system or new regulations in order to stay competitive.

SAP provides the following overview of the advantages of social collaboration.

Social collaboration within HR processes

At this moment I noticed that a lot of customers don’t know that this functionality is available in a number of HR systems. The advantages I described are so important that I decided to write this short article to inform especially HR management to start researching suppliers that provide this solution. It is also important that social collaboration provided all the advantages that I described and is also flexible and easy to implement.

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