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Ulrich model citaat - geen one site fits all?

Waarom is Ulrich zo populair? En werkt het Ulrich model echt zo goed? Een kritisch artikel van een blogger stelt o.a.:

"Anyway, back to the debate. Well actually, back to the non-debate. Over coffee at the beginning, one of the participants said to me that he expected it to reveal pretty entrenched views. It did, but in honesty the views were entrenched in the same place, “If it works for your business then good, if it doesn’t then do something that does” Logical right?

So, why is this a big deal? Why are we even having debates about the topic? I put it down to two interrelated phenomenon,

1) The HR professions need for faddism to give it purpose and meaning

2) HR media, fanning the flames to justify its existence

And interestingly, within the room of professionals having this debate, although people were very laissez-faire in their comments, over 90% had applied the Ulrich model within their organisatons…..presumably it worked for all of them?"

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